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Ken Park (2002)

Ken Park (2002) Romance/Sexy/Drama:

Ken Park focuses on several teenagers and their tormented Home. Shawn seems to be the most conventional. Tate is brimming with psychotic rage; Claude is habitually harassed by his brutish father and coddled, rather uncomfortably, by his enormously pregnant mother. Peaches looks after her devoutly religious father, but yearns for freedom. They're all rather tight, or so they claim. But they spend precious little time together and none of them seems to know much about one another's family lives. This bizarre dichotomy underscores their alienation # the result of suburban ennui, a teenager's inherent sense of melodrama, and the disturbing nature of their home environments. Read More... IMDB

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Fast Lane to Malibu (2000)

Fast Lane to Malibu (2000) Romance/Sexy/Comedy:

In Fast Lane To Malibu, College friends Brian and Zach hit the road for an ultimate beach party at a sorority house in Malibu. Getting there is half the fun as they encounter an insatiable hitchhiker, two sultry state troopers and more. What turns will they take? That's up to you. In Fast Lane To Vegas, Brian and Zach hit the road for Las Vegas where Brian is about to get married. But the road to Sin City is paved with temptation, and Zach encourages Brian to fulfill his wildest sexual fantasies before he gets hitched. Will Brian give in? You decide. Read More..... IMDB

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Sins of the Realm (2003) Movie

Sins of the Realm (2003) Horror/Action/Sexy:

The king of the richest has recently died and his son and heir will have a new bride selected for him from amongst the princesses by the high priestess. But before the selection can begin, the beautiful princesses must be freed from their jealous kidnappers, who have forced them to work the silver mines!If Slaves of the Realm sounds just a little bit like porn, that's because it is. Just a little bit.You might consider as well its original title: Chained Sinners: Medieval Fleshpots. The story (again, for lack of a better word) concerns a dead king, his son, his son's search for a wife, and all those potential wives being forced to be rock-mining slaves in the tiniest of outfits. They also have to submit to a lot of bodily inspections, girl-on-girl massages, and other indignities that make but a minimum of sense. It should appeal especially well to those who are really into medieval lesbians. IMDB

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Fraternity House (2008)

Fraternity House (2008) Romance/Sexy/Comedy:

Fraternity House is a 24 hour look inside fraternity life. Set on the last day of the school year graduating seniors Jake and Evan have one day to figure out how to stay on campus for a fifth year. With the help of 8th year senior and fraternity legend Greg "Fossil" Karanowski they constantly get themselves into more and more trouble. Throughout the day we see a 6am pajama party, Strip, drinking games, and the most intense pledging ever seen on film. Read More.... IMDB

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Veronica 2030 (1999) Movie

Veronica 2030 (1999) Romance/Sexy/Sci-Fi:

The year is 2030 and two scientists, Felix and Maxine, are about to release their latest creation, Veronica a fully functional pleasure android, out onto the market. Unfortunately, untimely interference from a colleague causes Veronica to be sent back to the year 1998. There she meets Harry Horner and becomes a lingerie model to help his ailing catalogue fetish business. Soon Camilla, Harry's competitor, learns of Veronica and steals her away to make Veronica work for her. Eventually, the two scientists locate Veronica and travel back to 1998 in a bid to rescue her. Harry and the scientists combine forces and rescue Veronica from Camilla's clutches. Veronica makes Harry's business a success and he is able to sell it to and interested buyer. Veronica and Harry have fallen in love and she decides to stay in 1998 along with the two scientists! In this Adult fantasy directed by Gary Graver, who at one time was Orson Welles' favorite cameraman, a "pleasure droid" named Veronica is transported from the year 2030 to 1998, where her high-tech charms are soon put to work modeling for the catlogs a failing lingerie store. Veronica's photos business around for the company, and attract the attention of the store's nerdy owner.Read More... IMDB

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Provocation (1995) Romance/Sexy/Drama:

Provocation (1995)

Notorious Italian director Joe D'Amato takes the helm for this sexually charged period drama set in the 1920s, and centering on the tenuous relationship between a tyrannical inn owner and his carnally curious grandson. Carlo is the insensitive owner of a popular country inn. Along with his grandson Gianni, the temperamental owner does his best to keep up the inn and ensure that their guests are content. But lately Carlo's wife has been feeling rejected, and she can't help but being drawn to handsome guest Rolando. Meanwhile, the sexually inexperienced Gianni gets vicarious thrills by secretly spying on his grandfather's sexual conquests. When the incredibly attractive Marilena arrives at the inn, her provocative behavior drives both Gianni and the guests into a blinding frenzy of lust and desire. But what is the secret that drives Marilena's irresistible sensuality, and is she in fact Gianni's distant cousin? Only time will tell what debauched secrets this prurient mystery holds. Read More... IMDB

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Watch 2012 End of the world(2009) Free Online dvdrip(700mb) download

2012 End of the world Watch Movie Online:

Watch free movie 2012 here in greatfree movies. This is the newest action movie came to the theaters and now you can watch the full movies here online free. A great free movie that you must watch. An epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors.

The film begins in year 2009, when there is a huge explosion on the surface of the sun. We then see Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor), an American scientist, traveling to a copper mine in India to meet his friend, who discovered that Earth’s temperature is increasing rapidly. He returns to Washington D.C. and submits a report to his supervisor, who immediately takes him to the president. In 2010, we see the President of the United States tell other heads of state the situation (the world is ending) and we also see billionaires all over the world buying plane tickets for untold sums of money. In 2011 the original of The Mona Lisa in the Louvre is replaced with a decoy, and is sealed away for unknown reasons.

The story jumps ahead to 2012. Jackson Curtis (John Cusack), a divorced father who works as a limousine driver and writer, and his ex-wife, Kate Curtis (Amanda Peet), and children, Noah (Liam James) and Lily (Morgan Lily), who live with Kate’s new boyfriend, Gordon (Thomas McCarthy). Jackson takes his children on a camping trip to Yellowstone, where he meets Charlie Frost, who hosts a radio segment that addresses the Mayans’ prediction. Charlie mentions a map of where special ships are, but Jackson assumes he is a rambling drunk and leaves him. Kate and Gordon and in a super market buying groceries when the floor begins to crack and the supermarket is split in half. Jackson gets a call that he has to return from camping with the kids. Jackson arrives at the house and drops the kids off, and takes his limo to a job. He goes to the house of Russian billionaire Yuri Karpov. Jackson takes Yuri, his children and his girlfriend to the airport. The children make cruel comments to Jackson, and as they board the plane, they mention they have tickets to board the ships and Jackson doesn’t. This leads Jackson to believe Charlie’s story, and he rents a plane. Jackson hurries to Kate’s house and picks up her, the kids, and Gordon as the house collapses and a massive earthquake begins. They drive through L.A while it is being destroyed and arrive just in time at the airport.

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Martyrs (2008)



Lucie's been missing for over a year when she is finally found by the side of the road, mad and clearly unbalanced, unable to tell whats happened or whos responsible. The police promptly find a derelict slaughterhouse. Every indication shows Lucie had been there and never left the cold room in which she was imprisoned. No evidence of sexual abuse to bring the police closer to the one responsible, makes this a difficult task to uncover whats happened and how the child escaped.



Deadgirl (2008)


The film begins in a school playground, where two teenagers, Rickie and JT are talking. JT gets Rickie to skip school, and the two decide to go to an abandoned mental asylum.


rated 3.85 by 6 people [?]

The Orphanage (El Orfanato) (2007)

The Orphanage (El Orfanato)

The former orphan Laura raises her adopted son Simón with her husband Carlos in an old house and former orphanage where she was raised.

rated 4.51 by 9 people [?]

Virus Undead (2008)

Virus Undead

Five teenagers are confronted, in a village in Brandenburg (Germany), with the effects of a new,far more aggressive variation of the bird‘s flu virus. Within a night, the virus spreads from person to person and transforms every infected into bloodthirsty monsters. The news concerning the bird flu has disappeared from the media. However, the bird‘s deaths go on and spread silently in the whole country.



Zombie Self-Defense Force (Zonbi jieitai) (2006)

Zombie Self-Defense Force (Zonbi jieitai)

Zombies, guns, aliens, huge sword fighting, robot soldiers, finally, the Japanese female students zombie! Now we can see that the spacecraft flight to Unstable earth forest it has chosen land, spraying some green gas is self-evident. Because it winds the entire sky, we introduce the characteristics of the different groups, we will meet - Xiao Jun; the fashion model and crew; bus load of girls.


rated 5.0 by 1 person [?]

Who's That Knocking at My Door? (2007)

Who's That Knocking at My Door?


A young loner, Je-hwi (Ji-kyu Lim) was tormented by a classmate named Pyo in high school. Now a young adult, Je-hwi begins to open up after meeting Jang-hee (So-shi Yun), his girlfriend. However, a revenge plot he had hatched against Pyo with a stranger he met over the internet, begins to grow way out of control, with cruel and unpredictable results.

Part 1
Part 2

Primal Doubt (2007)

Primal Doubt

When an ex-romance author who is trapped in an unsatisfying marriage, decides to give love another chance with a man she met over the Internet, she finds herself caught up in a terrifying murder mystery.

Part 1

Part 2

The Devil's Mercy (2008)

The Devil's Mercy (2008)

DEVIL.jpg picture by latapi25

The Winters move to Connecticut where they meet their new downstairs neighbours Tyler Grant and his niece Kayla. When their 6 year old son Calvin becomes increasingly anxious around the Grants his mother dismisses it as just her son`s active imagination but soon has to face the fact that there may be something sinister going on within their perfect house.

Part 1
Part 2

The Burrowers (2008)

The Burrowers

A band of courageous men sets out to find and recover a family of settlers that has mysteriously vanished from their home. Expecting the offenders to be a band of fierce natives, the group prepares for a routine battle. But they soon discover that the real enemy stalks them from below.


The Key (2008)

The Key

Five friends descend on an abandoned building to shoot a documentary about its supposed haunted origins, but all is not as it seems. It turns out instead that the leader of the group actually brought them there to search for cursed buried treasure that his free mason grandfather had supposedly left. When one unfortunate soul opens a door to a darker dimension, a demon is released and begins to kill each of them one-by-one. Will anyone escape alive, or has "The Key" opened the door straight to hell?


rated 2.45 by 3 people [?]

Raising Jeffrey Dahmer (2006)

Raising Jeffrey Dahmer

Based on the true story of the mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer, the events within the family behind, and leading up to, his capture.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
rated 4.0 by 1 person [?]

Semum (2008)




Canan and her husband have just moved into a new house and are happier than ever. It doesn't
take long before Canan realizes that something's wrong with the house though. Paintings are
moved, her cat is acting strange and her neighbours are starting to freak her out.


Dabbe (2006)




A very large number of people start to commit suicide using brutal and horrible techniques and without any reasons. Starting from the United States, this suicide wave spreads all over the world.


The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007)

The Hills Have Eyes 2


A team of trainees of the National Guard brings supply to the New Mexico Desert for a group of soldiers and scientists that are installing a monitoring system in Sector 16. They do not find anybody in the camp, and they receive a blurred distress signal from the hills. Their sergeant gathers a rescue team, and they are attacked and trapped by deformed cannibals, having to fight to survive.


Murder Loves Killers Too (2009)

Murder Loves Killers Too

Big Stevie has a sexual problem. Murder is how he has sex. And Big Stevie knows that there is no better way for a repressed killer to blow off steam than killing a bunch of care-free free-spirited teens. After her friends are all chopped, carved, and slashed, sweet young Aggie is left alone to face off against this unreasonable psycho. Now she’s got a pervert on her hands. A big one. And Big Stevie’s problem could become Aggie’s problem real fast.


Part 1

Part 2
rated 3.0 by you and 15 [?]

Autumn (2009)


A horrible virus kills billions within minutes. The few survivors that are left have to deal with the shock of the apocalypse, and they have no idea that things are about to get much worse.

Part 1
Part 2

The Skeptic (2009)

The Skeptic

After the mysterious death of his Aunt, a confirmed skeptic lawyer, Bryan Becket, dismisses reports that her house is haunted and moves in. Immediately occurrences begin he cannot explain.

rated 3.0 by 3 people [?]

Stephen King's IT: The Theatrical Cut (Fan Edit) (2009)

Stephen King's IT: The Theatrical Cut (Fan Edit)

A darker version of Stephen King’s tale of childhood terror is brought to the big screen finally.

Additional info: Part of the Movie is Black and White, part is in color. The color version of the movie is also greatly desaturated compared to the original cut of the mini-series which was bright and vibrant, partially because of the time and partially because of it being made for television. The black and white and pale color lead to a darker looking story. More grim.

Part 1
Part 2
rated 3.5 by 4 people [?]

The Horsemen (2009)

The Horsemen

A recently widowed detective still grieving over his wife's death discovers a shocking connection between himself and the suspects in a serial killing spree linked to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.



rated 3.0 by 2 people [?]